May Macaria-Smith
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Talent Acquisition Leader and Certified Executive Coach With A Passion To Influence People to Land the Career of Their Dreams! 
May I Hire You? Wouldn’t you want to hear those words ringing in your ear, body and soul for your dream job?! 

Well, you have come to the right place! We are here to support you, guide you and equip you with proven tools and actions through your corporate career transition! With over 20+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition and recruiting, having coached 100’s of people through career transitions and guided individuals to align their personal goals with their career, our goal is to equip you with the top notch tools to have you feeling empowered to land not just a job, but a career you love! 

As your Career coach, we will be with you ever step of the way to land your dream job with the goal for you to hear the words in your career journey- “May I, Hire You!” 

We have a strong focus to support individuals from diverse backgrounds in this journey to uncover the additional nuances to navigate in a career transition. 

We partner with experts to provide expertise in career coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, leadership training, and facilitation. Our diverse background spreads across multiple industries and functions in the corporate area such as HR, Technology, finance, banking, learning and development, executive leaders and administrative functions.

Whatever your career transitional challenge, we are here to support you and be your guide. 

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May Macaria-Smith
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